2 HP Vaccum Pump - PFC 294V

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2 HP Bare Vacuum Pump Model PFC 294V

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PFC Parts for Compressor is a global supplier of 2 HP Single Stage & Two Stage Bare Vacuum Pump Model PFC 294V from India.

Dry Bare vacuum pumps are single acting, air cooled reciprocating units in single and two stage constructions These piston type vacuum pumps achieve vacuum up to 29.0”Hg (737 mm) for single stage and up to 29.6”Hg (752mm) for two stage configuration.

Technical Data  

Model PFC 294V
Motor hp 2
No. of Cylinders 2
Piston Displacement cfm 34.6
Maximum Pressure 29Inches | 736.6mm

Scope of Supply
Bare Pump (Vacuum Pumps) with Flywheel, without any Accessories

# Parts are interchangeable IR Type 30 Model V244

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